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Give Hope Foundation

Motivational Speaker to kids about making a better Future

  If a child wants to play sports​ or join a music program, The Scouts or any program or activity that allows a child to try or be a part of something that aids in the future direction or influences in there lives, but can't just because there is no money or times are tough.  Then ask yourself what choices are left for that child for what influences them in there lives.

We Help Foster Kids, Single Parents To Families Struggling Financially

  • Helping with financial Costs & Fees
  • Costs & Fees for playing Sports
  • Costs & Fees for Scouting, Music, Field Trips

Financial Sponsorship:

  • The power of making the right choices
  • Making The most out of Every Day
  • ​Looking at Problems as Challenges
  • The importance of creating a plan (Goals)
  • The Power of a Smile
  • Learning Financial Literacy
  • ​Importance of Credit

Speaking to kids about:

Touching The Hearts and Homes Of Kids Directly

Helping Kids In Need